Make a Difference Today - Partner with us to help make the permanent Men's Shelter a reality.

Mount Airy Men's Shelter, Mt. Airy NC wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in our community. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.

The Mission of Mt. Airy Men's Shelter is to create lasting solutions to help the homeless in our area by "Loving our Neighbor".  Mt. Airy Men's Shelter will provide not only emergency shelter, but also resources that empower homeless men to achieve greater self-sufficiency with the goal of permanent housing

The Vision

We will advocate for decent, accessible, affordable housing.  We will help the men to be trained for jobs that pay livable wages.  We will provide prompt referrals to medical care, mental health services and social services.  We plan on developing and maintaining a network of members and supporters.  With the help of our supporting partner's, we aspire to find common ground and to seek essential solutions which will enable us to fulfill our role as an organizer, coordinator, and community resource.  God's love and commandments have compelled us to act.  We seek to fulfill our mission as a beacon of hope to men experiencing homelessness in our community.

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You ask "Where are my donations going?"

Coats(12) hats(75)gloves(25), socks(200) sleeping bags(29), backpacks(60)gift bags of snacks and hygiene supplies(26)- These are going directly to the men on the street as we (and others partnering with us such as Open Air Ministries) encounter them.  25% of these items we have available to meet the next needs.  We receive phone calls in the evenings from men with no place to stay who are cold and hungry.   We take them the above items.

Out of $14,000 cash donations received 

$4,000 has been spent on start-up costs (website, storage, grantwriter etc.) and $10,000 has been set aside for the purchase of the shelter.  

In the future we hope to reach 5%or less in operating costs with 95% going directly to those served by the shelter. 

Currently we are serving as a shelter through supplying needed items until a shelter is established.  

Where your donations are NOT going: 

Salaries or benefits to any board member or officer

We are all volunteers. 

Our books are open for anyone to see at any time.

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NEEDS LIST FOR MEN'S SHELTER Mt. Airy Men’s Shelter 336-708-5777
HYGIENE Toothbrushes Tooth paste Soap Shampoo Shaving cream Deodorant Razors Toiletry Bags (Ziplocs) Combs/brushes
CLOTHING Sweatpants M, L, XL SHOWERING Towels Wash cloths Hand towels Floor mats
KITCHEN Can opener 10lb can size Iced tea pitchers with lids Pots/kettles Cereal/soupBowls Dinner Plates Serving bowls – large Covered storage containers Stand mixer Silverware for 100 Cooking Utensils Glasses/plastic or glass Pot Holders Kitchen towels Industrial Mop and bucket Laundry baskets -20 Rubbermaid totes with lids - 40 Metal storage shelving - 4
FACILITY NEEDS Surveillance/security system 5 office chairs File folders Printer paper 1 ½ “ 3 ring binders - 35 Pens Tablets (paper) Computers for office (5) Desk phone copy/fax/printer Clorox toilet bowl brushes (6) Plungers (6)
MISCELLANEOUS Locking cabinet for medicines Individual trays for resident’s meds Smart TV 55-60” with wall mount and shelf for receiver Garbage Cans 13 GAL AND 55 GAL 3 each First Aid Kit 100 people size Night lights Clocks - 3 Recliner for volunteer office (1) Bookshelves - 6
SHELTER CONSUMABLES Garbage can liners 13 gal and 55 gal Air fresheners Disinfecting Soaps Disinfecting Wipes Dish soap Dishwasher soap Laundry soap Toilet bowl Cleaners Glass Cleaner Latex gloves Bleach Toilet paper Paper towels Kleenex Dog Kennel Dog Food dry
SLEEPING Mattresses – 40 twin size Heavy duty bunk bed frames 20 Twin Sheets Twin Blankets Pillows (40) Plastic Mattress covers, zip on(40) Plastic Pillow covers, zip on(40) Tall chest of drawers (6 drawer type) qty 20 9-8’ Tables 10 dining chairs


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